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Testimonial from Pakistan

May 22, 2009

To,                                                                             From:            

The Chief Executive                                                  Inter Solar Technics (Pvt) Ltd.  Pakistan     

Atlantis Solar® USA                                                                                                


Dear Sir,

We feel pleasure to write this testimonial in favor of Atlantis Solar® USA for their amazing solar products which includes Solar Air Conditioners, Kozy Cooler, Atmospheric water generators, DC Refrigerators, Wind Turbines, Solar Panel System, Solar Water Pumps.

When we introduce Atlantis Solar® air conditioner in Pakistan we found a huge positive response for this awesome product that can save electricity up to 70%. It’s really an amazing thing to give a relief to the public of Pakistan from the shortage and the increasing rates of  the electricity day by day.

On May 1st to May 3, 2009, when we participated in the  Consumer Empowerment Exhibition at Qazaffi stadium LAHORE, we got excellent customer response for our all solar products and especially as mentioned earlier for the  ‘Atlantis Solar® Air Conditioner’.

The News paper and TV Channels also gave a great coverage and  awareness to the customers about the Atlantis Solar’s GREEN products. High Govt. officials visited  the  exhibition and showed their curiosity to install these Atlantis Solar® air conditioners in thier departments.

Environment Protection Department is (EPD) also promoting to GO for Green energy and they also liked our product “Atlantis Solar® Air Conditioner” and blessed us with their  good wishes.

Our treasured customers who had purchased Atlantis Solar® Air Conditioner are very much satisfied about the performance and quality of the product.

After purchasing and dealing with Atlantis Solar® Products I am feeling very comfortable and happy for the success of our company and to give relief from the increasing prices and un expected shut-down  of the  electricity  to the public of Pakistan.


I wish the great success of the  Atlantis Solar® products 




Babar Ali (CEO) Pakistan

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