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Every one is plugging in!    “Go Green”
Monterey Mexico brings homes and businesses "GREEN" In 2011 While in Mexico to visit our Mexico partners in this beautiful city of Monterey Mexico, the views and public safety was very comforting. I was very impressed with Monterey Mexico and our Mexico Team, their support, including Monterey Mexico, and their continued countries security. Mexico was not what I expected, but much more beautiful; clean architecture, streets, and kind people ready to assist in making changes in their country, with cost effective environmentally friendly Atlantis Solar products. While in Mexico, from what I seen during my stay for a week, was an amazingly large opportunity for Atlantis Solar products; helping reduce energy cost and creating a market with products every can afford. Thank you Mexico for your very educational warm welcome, and comfortable stay... Atlantis Solar USA and International Solar Air Conditioner-Wind Turbine-Solar Hot water
Every one is plugging in ! ®
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