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Atmospheric Water Generator Guaranteed 99.9% pure drinking water, no matter where you place us!!! (Coming Soon "Atlantis H2O Ionizer™") Read More… - Purifies, ionizes, humidity and contaminated water in to 100% fresh drinking water -
EVERY 8 SECONDS A CHILD DIES FROM WATER RELATED DISEASES According to the: World Health Organization
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Do you know what you are drinking??? Provided by Atlantis H2O® Atmospheric Water Generator "YOU CHOOSE"
FAQ: City drinking water is provided to your homes and businesses daily from continued reprocessed, recycled city sewage, rain, and flood run off water. You pay for continued recycled treated water, both when we use it, and when we dispose of it. Which then returns back to where is came from (City Water Treatment Centers, or Plants). Each and 365 days per year. This recycled sewage water is continually treated with chemicals to supposedly protect us from serious health issues, which many cities have failed in providing safe drinking water. The water that returns into your home from water treatment plants contains from human consumed pharmaceuticals, bathroom tissue to sewage run off from farmland and local community water home and business human sewage returning to water treatment plants again and again for recycling. It is wise to order a testing kit for your local water which you pay for, to see exactly what lurks in the recycled water entering your home or business. For example The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) water testing lab. "NOT INTENDED FOR WEEK STOMACHS" Follow the link, which will provide true facts to why city water is harmful to your health Read More..
FAQ Topics: Pure drinking water provided daily from our Atmosphere (Minerals and Vitamins) You will find that, it is very Important to read about minerals, and vitamins, which are essential to every day life on Earth, and how our eco system provides the needed essential vitamins, and minerals for all life to survive. Read more about drinking water and minerals Please have an open mind knowing, this is fact and not fiction. Many seem to think by drinking only water, the body or life on earth receives its minerals and vitamins by reproduced State, City, Village, or County Water recycling Plants (Not True). If you had to reply on drinking water to provide both the human body and or eco system minerals, and vitamins from drinking water; our eco system would not survive. Please think about why our eco system during the stone age was 100% pure and green, and then look at today's world, millions of years later. Accurate information referencing natures cycle and atmospheric water generation. Read More...
Atlantis H2O - Atlantis Solar Guarantee to Produce Pure Healthy Water starting at $.02USD Cents Per Liter: Atlantis H2O will Guarantee a return in your investment in less then 6 months. After 6 months, your pure drinking water becomes 100% free (Water vs. cost per liter to produce). Our guarantee applies towards 100% environmentally friendly energy sources helping power your Atmospheric Water Generator in producing 99.9% Pure "Free" Drinking Water. (This Guarantee is Based on Atlantis H20 / Atlantis Solar® method of operation. Third parties do not apply.
Method of Operation: Atmospheric pure water dispenser—water generator transform air into pure water without resort to any water source with VFD indication, shows the temperature, humidity of the current environment. All units are designed for contaminated air and water environments or just for healthy daily water supply. Our Atmospheric Water Generators generate healthy water daily, filtering water three to four times in one circulation and killing bacteria’s with our UV technology. Every 48 hours if water is not consumed our units will re-circulate and filter existing water. Five minutes per hour every hour our Atmospheric Water Generators UV technology will operate to make sure there are no new bacteria’s, which makes our water much more superior then any drinking water in the world.
100% Solar Atmospheric Water Generator Our Universal Solar A/C System allows you to invert your energy to the electrical box, for use of other appliances if needed. Batteries can be charged with both utility and solar at the same time, allowing you to always be connected. This means you will never be with out electricity during an environmental disaster. These systems are designed with A/C starting amps of 2.5X’s to 3.5X’s the amp power. Read More..
Our Atmospheric water generator is a high tech product, making drinking water without resorting to any water source, this high tech state of the art machine is fit for an army, navigation, airport, hospital, schools, homes, business, "anywhere".Our Atmospheric water generator is good for developing countries that do not have clean drinking water resources available How to transform air into pure water? The ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATOR SYSTEM is a new, state of the art air to drinking water generating machine which takes humidity out of the air you breathe and turns it into pure drinking water. How many liters does if produce per day? These systems can produce up to 36 liters of water in a 24-hour period and could store up to 16 liters. All water produced depends on the wattage , air temperature and air humidity. Our largest water generator enables users to create up to 5000 liters of pure drinking water, right out of the atmosphere every day, requiring no piped in water. Our systems come in four models offering different capacities. Each model can be placed on top of buildings, as well as on ground level. In addition, the machines are scalable. So they can be placed in sequence to fulfill the most sizeable water requirements. The Atmospheric water generator has been designed to work outdoors in most hot or humid climates worldwide with humidity levels of 35% to 90%. Our Atmospheric water generators provide daily Safe drinking water affordably. Benefits : No external piping needed. No more bottled water bill. Minimal amount of energy to produce water. No more hustle to grocery stores and lifting of heavy bottled water. No need for a Dehumidifier. Daily 99.9% pure drinking water for you and your children manufactured by nature. Exceeding EPA requirements. Protects your expensive furniture from over moist environments. Protects your family from inhaling dust, bacteria and fungus. Delivers the purest water and freshest air to your world removing microns. Utilizing high intensity UV (ultra violet), it eliminates any microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. Operated by a microcomputer control system, it will automatically stop generating water when completely full. Average cost per gallon of pure drinking water is about 8 cents using our Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator. No need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for single dehumidifier machine, or air Filters.
DO WE RECEIVE OUR MINERALS FROM DRINKING WATER? By TOM STANDAGE The Economist Published: August 1, 2005. Bottled Water is Bad for your health We worked our way through the samples, writing scores for each one. None of us could detect any odor, even when swilling water around in large wine glasses, but other differences between the waters were instantly apparent. Between sips, we cleansed our palates with wine. (It seemed only fair, since water serves the same function at a wine tasting.) The variation between waters was wide, yet the water from the tap did not stand out: only one of us correctly identified it. This simple experiment seemed to confirm that most people cannot tell the difference between tap water and bottled water. Yet they buy it anyway - and in enormous quantities. In 2004, Americans, on average, drank 24 gallons of bottled water, making it second only to carbonated soft drinks in popularity. Furthermore, consumption of bottled water is growing more quickly than that of soft drinks and has more than doubled in the past decade. This year, Americans will spend around $9.8 billion on bottled water, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. Ounce for ounce, it costs more than gasoline, even at today's high gasoline prices; depending on the brand, it costs 250 to 10,000 times more than tap water. Globally, bottled water is now a $46 billion industry. Why has it become so popular? It cannot be the taste, since most people cannot tell the difference in a blind tasting. Much bottled water is, in any case, derived from municipal water supplies, though it is sometimes filtered, or has additional minerals added to it. Nor is there any health or nutritional benefit to drinking bottled water over tap water. In one study, published in The Archives of Family Medicine, researchers compared bottled water with tap water from Cleveland, and found that nearly a quarter of the samples of bottled water had significantly higher levels of bacteria. The scientists concluded that "use of bottled water on the assumption of purity can be misguided." Another study carried out at the University of Geneva found that bottled water was no better from a nutritional point of view than ordinary tap water. Admittedly, both kinds of water suffer from occasional contamination problems, but tap water is more stringently monitored and tightly regulated than bottled water. New York City tap water, for example, was tested 430,600 times during 2004 alone. What of the idea that drinking bottled water allows you to avoid the chemicals that are sometimes added to tap water? Alas, some bottled waters contain the same chemicals anyway - and they are, in any case, unavoidable. Researchers at the University of Texas found that showers and dishwashers liberate trace amounts of chemicals from municipal water supplies into the air. Squirting hot water through a nozzle, to produce a fine spray, increases the surface area of water in contact with the air, liberating dissolved substances in a process known as "stripping." So if you want to avoid those chemicals for some reason, drinking bottled water is not enough. You will also have to wear a gas mask in the shower, and when unloading the dishwasher. Bottled water is undeniably more fashionable and portable than tap water. The practice of carrying a small bottle, pioneered by super models, has become commonplace. But despite its association with purity and cleanliness, bottled water is bad for the environment. It is shipped at vast expense from one part of the world to another, is then kept refrigerated before sale, and causes huge numbers of plastic bottles to go into landfills. Of course, tap water is not so abundant in the developing world. And that is ultimately why I find the illogical enthusiasm for bottled water not simply peculiar, but distasteful. For those of us in the developed world, safe water is now so abundant that we can afford to shun the tap water under our noses, and drink bottled water instead: our choice of water has become a lifestyle option. For many people in the developing world, however, access to water remains a matter of life or death. More than 2.6 billion people, or more than 40 percent of the world's population, lack basic sanitation, and more than one billion people lack reliable access to safe drinking water. The World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of all illness in the world is due to water-borne diseases, and that at any given time, around half of the people in the developing world are suffering from diseases associated with inadequate water or sanitation, which kill around five million people a year. Widespread illness also makes countries less productive, more dependent on outside aid, and less able to lift themselves out of poverty. One of the main reasons girls do not go to school in many parts of the developing world is that they have to spend so much time fetching water from distant wells. Clean water could be provided to everyone on earth for an outlay of $1.7 billion a year beyond current spending on water projects, according to the International Water Management Institute. Improving sanitation, which is just as important, would cost a further $9.3 billion per year. This is less than a quarter of global annual spending on bottled water. I have no objections to people drinking bottled water in the developing world; it is often the only safe supply. But it would surely be better if they had access to safe tap water instead. The logical response, for those of us in the developed world, is to stop spending money on bottled water and to give the money to water charities. If you don't believe me about the taste, then set up a tasting, and see if you really can tell the difference. A water tasting is fun, and you may be surprised by the results. There is no danger of a hangover. But you may well conclude, as I have, that bottled water has an unacceptably bitter taste. Tom Standage, author of "A History of the World in Six Glasses," is the technology editor of The Economist. Our World in need of Atmospheric Drinking Water Generators The United Nations states that 1.4 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and more than 3 million people die every year from water-related diseases. Over the next two decades, the average supply of water per person will drop by a third, possibly condemning millions of people to an avoidable premature death. Of all the water in the world, only 3% is fresh. Less than a third of 1% of this is available to humans. The rest is frozen in glaciers or polar ice caps, or is deep within the earth, beyond our reach. To put it another way, if 100 liters represents the world's water, less than a half of a teaspoon of it is fresh water available for our use. Global water consumption has risen almost tenfold since 1900, and many parts of the world are now reaching the limits of their supply. World population is expected to increase by 45% in the next thirty years; UNESCO has predicted that by 2020 water shortage will be a serious worldwide problem. The European Union has warned the world that it is in a global water crisis and made the issue a priority for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. "The global water crisis is a major threat to sustainable development: to economic development, to poverty reduction, to the environment, and to peace and security," Margot Wallstrom European Union Environment Commissioner In countries like Bangladesh, the water and sanitation situation is stark: 1.2 billion people need access to clean water supply 3 billion people are without sanitation facilities Many people in rural Bangladesh resort to using unclean and unhygienic water for all aspects of life, including washing, drinking and cooking. Such practices may be directly responsible for spreading endemic diseases like diarrhoea and worm infection. The atmosphere holds three million trillion gallons of pure distilled water at any given point of time, more than all our known sources of fresh water Water: The world's most essential commodity Clean water is one of the most precious resources on earth. Only 3% of all water is freshwater with 77% of this locked up in ice caps and glaciers. Less than a third of 1% of this is available to humans. Clean water is life's most important basic necessity while dirty water is one of the deadliest killers WTW is an international non-profit foundation dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water to the world’s poorest people.  A safe and pure source of water is essential to life; without pure and clean water, vulnerable communities are trapped in the stranglehold of disease and death. The Water The World Foundation; is dedicated exclusively to the provision of installing the latest in technology of atmospheric water generators to provide water to the world's poorest people. WTW's work is fundamental; 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe water. Our objective is to work with international non-governmental organizations such as the International Red Cross and Red Crescent in their communities. We believe that our approach makes it possible for communities to sustain a better quality of life, and is an essential step in the eradication of poverty. WTW has the capacity to become 'champion' of water issues for the urban poor. The Water The World Foundation is independent and relies solely on philanthropic and volunteer support.  With the available atmospheric water generator technology and equipment developed and supplied through WTW strategic corporate partners the critical problem of the source and supply of clean water can be eradicated. WTW works by supplying local organizations a turn-key commercial Atmospheric Water Generator that is fully operational and self-sustainable using proven and stable technologies that can be managed by the community itself.   Water The World’s Mandate: WTW will operate in both rural and urban areas within specific countries where the water problems are most critical.  Water The World is guided by a set of criteria and beliefs: *Clean water is essential for life and all people should have a reliable supply *Decision-making must be delegated to local partner organizations and communities as far as possible, to avoid dependency and encourage sustainability * Local people must be actively involved in planning, constructing, managing and maintaining their own projects * Focus should be on the most vulnerable poor people, especially women and children * The technologies used should be appropriate and cost effective * The cost per beneficiary should be kept low * Focusing on long-term development is crucial, but WTW will endeavor to respond to natural disasters and emergency situations in the places where it works * It is appropriate to seek support and approval from local and national authorities for WTW-funded work. 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Atlantis Solar - Atlantis H2O Newest Technology in Pure Drinking Water Production Atlantis H2O Elite Atmospheric Water Generators producing 100L to 100,000L Per Day Feauture: 50% and More in Energy Savings vs. Our Older Technology Our newest Atmospheric Water Generators designed for small applications starting at 100 Liters up to 10,000 Liters per day Guaranteed Pure Water Production from the Lowest Relative Humidity, increasing Water production to surpass its capacity rating by 20% or more Water Production in High Relative Humidity Environments. Government and Atlantis Solar Qualified Distributors Only, Atlantis Solar - Atlantis H2O will provide complete details about our future in collecting pure water from the air. Atlantis H2O Atmospheric Water Generators will provide both superior water, collection of water, and reduced manufacture prices vs. our earlier commercial models. 100% Guaranteed Sediment and Bacterial Elimination
Atlantis H2O Elite Model - ASWEA  Elite Models Atlantis H2O Elite Atmospheric Water Generator Technical Details Read More
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