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Atmospheric Water Generator Model:  ASWEA-5000L Power Supply: 380V50HZ / 60HZ Distribution Power: 115KW Water Production (Liter/Day): 5000L 27°C 65% Input Power of Compressor: 47KW*2 Internal Water tank: 1,100L Working Conditions: 15℃-40℃ 40%RH-95%RH) Refrigerant: R - 407 Phase Protection of Compressor: Phase-sequence Protection / Delay Protection / Hi & Low Pressure Protection / Overheat & Overload Protection Noise Level: <79DB Dimension (CM): 530*220*220 Net Weight: 4,500kg Gross Weight: 4,800kg FAQ: 5000L Atmospheric Water Generator Operating on 100% Solar with Battery Banks " Please Note: Solar Panels, Battery Lead Prices, Charge Controllers and Inverters may vary due to time of market material cost or exchange rates" 5000L Atmospheric water Generator operating at 47KW*2 = 94 Kw per kWh =94,0000 watts 1. You need about 1.2Mw in solar energy at $220,000USD which includes charge controller, pure sine inverter, and solar panels 2. 2V~3000AH deep Cycle Batteries 200 pieces = 1.2Mw x 6 hours = 7,200,000 Mw of earned energy $172,600USD 3. Atmospheric Water Generator 5000L 4. Please allow 10% energy allowance from overloading the batteries, which would be 103,000 watts per kwh needed – 1,200,000 energy storage = 1,096,600 = 2 hours energy storage per every hour of energy collection X 6 hours of sunlight This is only if you operate the Atmospheric Water Generator during daylight hours. 5. Best water collection time is 8PM to 8AM when dew levels are at their highest and environmental evaporation levels are at their lowest. These collection hours now take 100% advantage to collecting more water, less operation time, and a much longer AWG life span. 6. If you operate during evening hours, your battery storage will need to increase by at least 8 hours, which places your mount of batteries at 400 more batteries. 7. Day light hours cost $497,000USD for 12 hour daylight water collection 8. Night time, more water, more efficient, $273,336USD giving a full 12 hours of energy storage while operating the 5000L AWG at full capacity. 9. Day Light cost investment $497,000USD / 5000L of water per 24 hours would pay for it’s self in approximately 99.4 days of operation with no guarantee of producing 5000L during daylight hours. If water collection is achieved during daylight hours during 99.4 days, cost per Liter at $1USD until investment is returned. This is a bit understated due to evaporation rates during day light hours which are over 60 higher depending on geographical location. 10. Night time operation for more efficiency, more water collection = $770,336USD / 5500L of water per 24 hours would pay for it’s self in approximately 140 days with cost per Liter at $1USD until investment is returned. 11. After both number 9 or 10 is achieved, water is 100% free. Total generated watts of energy produced on a 6 hour day sunlight battery charge = stored energy providing 12 hours operational time.  Please review 1 thru 11.
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