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Features 	Up to 50% and More in Energy Savings vs. Our Older Technology 	Our newest Atmospheric Water Generators designed for small applications starting at 100 Liters up to 10,000 Liters per day 	Guaranteed Pure Water Production from the Lowest Relative Humidity, increasing Water production to surpass its capacity rating by 20% or more Water Production in High Relative Humidity Environments. 	Government and Atlantis Solar Qualified Distributors Only,  	On-Grid or Off Grid capabilities 	Atlantis Solar - Atlantis H2O will provide complete details about our future in collecting pure water from the air. 	Atlantis H2O Atmospheric Water Generators will provide both superior water, collection of water, and reduced manufacture prices vs. our earlier commercial models. 	100% Guaranteed Sediment and Bacterial Elimination
Atmospheric Water Generator Guaranteed 99.9% pure drinking water, no matter where you place us!!! (Coming Soon "Atlantis H2O Ionizer™") - Purifies, ionizes, humidity and contaminated water in to 100% fresh drinking water - Atlantis Solar - Atlantis H2O Newest Technology in Pure Drinking Water Production Atlantis H2O Elite Atmospheric Water Generators producing 100L to 100,000L Per Day
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