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Atlantis H2O has designed a new technology in water purification coming 2016 (A new technology giving you the purest, cleanest water in the world at 60% less in cost then Atmospheric Water Generators. Our new technology is 100% green environmentally friendly) CAfter 8 years in manufacturing Atmospheric Water Generators, Atlantis Solar now needs to cater to the world as one, by providing healthy clean water 24 hours per day 7 days a week at prices every one can afford. All systems will operate on less then 100 watts energy per kwh offering Desalinization, Reverse Osmosis, 8 stage filtration with 3 methods of UV technology continuously removing 24/7 bacteria, viruses, and if you want flavor, it comes included. Benefits: This is an application that delivers all the above and is affordable, dependable and a very versatile appliance. It is called an Atlantis H2O Water Ionizer. The Atlantis H2O Water Ionizer takes water from rain water, snow, ice, city water, water reservoirs, rivers and lakes, and turns your water in to fresh tasting 100% pure water. Not only will this purify your water, but you can add flavor if you choose with in minutes, included with our new technology. Features: First a desalinization process removing sodium's, then put through a process of eight filters including Reverse Osmosis removing metals and sediments, while passing through a chloride flavoring process, ending up with triple ultra-violet lights killing any lasting bacteria, pathogens, ecoli and viruses. In this final process The Atlantis H2O Water Ionizer enriches the water with the maximum amount of oxygen for a drink so refreshing you'll never forget your first one.
EVERY 8 SECONDS A CHILD DIES FROM WATER RELATED DISEASES According to the: World Health Organization
**No more paying $600USD to $2,200USD** For Atmospheric Water Generators that utilize 700 to 1000 watts per kwh
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