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Seychelles 2015 September 5, 2015 Dear Atlantis Solar, Atlantis Solar Seychelles has received its Air Conditioning samples and is pleased to confirm power savings when compared against standard air conditioning units. The 24,000BTU Atlantis Solar Air Conditioner on average utilized 1.55-1.70kwhr depending on the environmental conditions.  This unit was compared against a Panasonic CUPC24/KF (2.60kwhr on average), Daiken R21NUV1 (2.72 kwhr on average), General 24,000BTU Unit (2.37 kwhr on average), and an LG LS-K2462QC (2.47 kwhr on average).  All figures have been received using a power monitor at residences, restaurants, and guesthouses/hotels. This represents a power savings of 25%-43% above some of the best top brand energy saving air conditioners in the world. The Atlantis Solar 24,000 BTU Air Conditioner was also compared to a Samsung 18,000 BTU unit and the result was an additional 6000 BTU of cooling can be provided utilizing slightly less power than the Samsung 18,000 BTU unit. In addition, the hot water reached a maximum temperature of 72 deg C within 40 minutes of the 24,000 unit being started with a beginning water temperature of 23 deg C.  This additional feature allows the power savings to be increased further. Although it may take some time, the combination of power savings, hot water and the phase out of R-22 worldwide and replacement with R-410 will force a movement towards the use of Atlantis Solar air conditioners within our region. Best Regards, Mr. Grant Heyer Atlantis Solar Seychelles
Guinea 2015  April 23, 2015  Hello Atlantis Solar USA Team,  I’ve prepared this testimonial of high satisfaction about our test in Guinea of Atlantis Solar Air Conditioners. You will find herewith this e-mail 2 testimonials in French and in English. Only e-mails for contacts. If you have any comments on it, do not hesitate to ask me modifications.  Like I’ve explained you, our objective is to develop our network of distribution in few countries in Africa to start:  Guinea – Conakry Mali – Bamako Ghana – Accra Ivory Coast – Abidjan  All our administration will be managed true my company in Belgium first and we will have in a second step a new company in Switzerland where all the activity will be transferred. More strategic for us and our network of distribution in Africa.  I’m waiting your contract proposal and also our new prices for distribution,  I thank you by advance for your collaboration, and for your excellence in product quality.  Best regards,  Vincent Colin
Belize Central America 2015 Tuesday, March 11, 2015 1:38 PM Dear Atlantis Solar, We are writing to say how pleased we are with our Atlantis Solar AGM Deep Cycle Batteries. Ok, our feedback so far on the batteries are that there have been no problems reported!  (Which is a great thing knowing the harsh environment these batteries have to work under).  The climate in Belize is very extreme, we have to deal with very hot temperatures, high humidity and depending on location marine climates. Our customers also enjoy the cost and quality of the batteries as they are slightly lower than what is provided in the typical Belizean market place, this is obviously attractive to clients just starting out.  I hope to get some additional feedback from our technicians regarding ease of transportation/ installation, and any other feedback they have found in integrating these batteries onto existing or new systems.  They have been extremely busy these past months, but hopefully I can get some insight for you within the next week. Thanks you! Sara Belmopan City, Belize CENTRAL AMERICA Sealed Maintenance Free Solar Battery (12V / 200Ah) Sealed Maintenance Free Solar Battery (12V / 100Ah)
France 2013 Dear Atlantis Solar,  Firstly, I’d like to wish the entire Atlantis Solar team, all the best from all of us for the New Year 2013. Regarding solar cooling, we’ve negotiated an agreement with DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control ) to sell the stock of solar air-conditioners we’re holding.  This authorization occurred during the month of December 2012, because meanwhile we participated in several fairs and stands on the energy to show this product is reliable.  As soon as the authorizations were provided, we were able to sell fifteen Atlantis Solar air conditioner units in just under three weeks, which proves that there’s a real sales potential here in Guadeloupe. Please find attached a photo showing ten air-conditioners installed at a medical clinic.  Our energy savings have been 61% vs. a 12000btu conventional air conditioner, with very happy clients.  We’ve already set up the distribution niche in Martinique, and we’ll be sending you an order as soon as the company is established.  Currently, since we have a temporary authorization to market the current stock, we’re getting ready to send a shipment to Saint Martin.  merci Didier United States Air Force Houston, Texas 2012  Thank you to Atlantis Solar USA 2 years operating 100% Solar and LED 80W chips.  These lights were designed by Atlantis Solar USA with a better quality then expected.  We are happy to say this complete solar project exceeded our expectations in performance, quality and over all cost.  Thank you Atlantis Solar for providing "Excellent" American Quality. The United States Air Force is very impressed with your attention to detail, quality, design and product care. Keep up the good work. United States of America Houston Air Force Base  September 6, 2012 Testimonial from Florida USA  From: Donna Willis  Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 3:17 AM To: Atlantis Solar Subject: Happy ***happy ****happy !!!!!!  Dear Atlantis Solar   I am pleased to say after having my atmospheric water generator and air conditioner installed , I couldn't be happier as a customer or a health care giver. Now when I have a visitor ,they have a gallon jug in their hand to bring home a water doggie bag. My electric bill has gone down with the aid of the new A/C and the air quality has and is still improving each day.  Being a care giver I have noticed a marked change in my patient with COPD . He does not hack and cough as much since the new A/C went in. Your company has given a new meaning to being a life saver.   Thank-you so very-very much for being a first class company with the highest level of customer care.      Sincerely , Donna M. Willis
Testimonial from Nicaragua November 30, 2010 Dear Atlantis Solar, I wanted to send Atlantis Solar a testimonial. We have installed the 250 liter pressurized solar water heater and we couldn’t be happier with it. The water heats up fast even on cool, cloudy days and stays hot even over night. For the first time my wife was able to take a hot bath. So hot in fact we had to add cold water. We feel so much better being able to wash our clothes and dishes with hot water. We also love that we will never have to use any electricity and still enjoy hot water. We find the look of the stainless steel tank to be attractive on our rooftop terrace. We are so pleased we will never have to mess with a suicide shower again or worry about a propane tank for our hot water. Thanks so much for making such a great, eco friendly product! Lee Greenberg San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Testimonial from New Calédonie  October 22, 2010  Dear Atlantis Solar,  I have good news for you, the Atlantis Solar Air conditioner become to invade our center town, and the 20000 BTU (SK-1.8W) is very efficient for stores.  The first exportation for the Vanuatu is gone yesterday, with 11 Atlantis Solar air conditioners in each power I have.  We are going to install 2 x SK-1.8W in a technical school, and we'll give them 1 x SK-9000 in donation.  Thank you for your trust in Mecktoub company, and we will be very honored to be Atlantis Solar New Caledonia for the next year,  Best Regards  jean-michel Castaldo Testimonial from Trinidad & Tobago  December-22-2009 Atlantis Solar,  Dear Sir,  I’m writing this letter as a testimonial of the sample air condition we ordered and have had on test for the past  3 months…..  After putting your solar air conditioner to the test alongside the conventional units  we are pleased to say there was a saving of about 50 percent or more in comparison with the conventional  units of the same size.   I am convinced that Atlantis Solar® Air Conditioners standout from the competition in  performance, quality and best of all it is Eco- Friendly.   Therefore Innovative Technologies at present had taken the initiative of promoting all Atlantis Solar® products  in the country of Trinidad & Tobago of the Caribbean, also in the islands of Iloilo & Cebu of the Philippines.  We are proud to be part of Atlantis Solar® and looking forward to do business for a long time.  Ray Sinanan Testimonial from Philippines  To: ATLANTIS SOLAR  From: Marven Ducat Date: September 30,2009  Dear Atlantis Solar,  I am writing this letter to inform you that after buying and testing products from  Atlantis Solar®, we purchased the solar air-conditioning, we can now say that we are absolutely 101% satisfied of the quality and the efficiency of this product. We received an energy savings of more 55% compared to conventional system for a same cooling capacity. We are in a tropical country where this item works to its best efficiency   We are completely convinced by this Economical and Ecological product, we have begun to order, promote and distribute the Solar Air Conditioner and other Atlantis Solar® products in the Philippines  We are proud to participate, with Atlantis Solar®, and look forward to helping the country in their efforts to go green with the help of your line of green products. In the near future we will add more products, and we look forward to doing business with Atlantis Solar® for a long time.  Best Regards  Marven ducat  Atlantis Solar® Philippines Makati, Manila, Philippines Testimonial from Greece  To : Atlantis Solar® Date : 14 April 2008 Dear Sir, With this letter I confirm that after buying and testing from Atlantis Solar® the solar air-conditioning and the air water generator we can say that we stayed absolutely satisfied from the quality and the efficiency of those two products. Specially at the section of the air-conditioning in which we have many years of knowledge we can certify to anyone that the quality of the manufacture is from the best we have ever seen. For this reason we attend to co-operate with Atlantis Solar® with both of these products by promoting these products in our Greek market, and we attend in the near future to add more products of Atlantis Solar® to our collection for future growth between our companies with our dedicated co-operation.  I remain at your complete disposal. Sincerely Yours George Perakis   Greece Testimonial from Dominican Republic  To: Atlantis Solar® From: Felix Fermin Date: September 22, 2008 I am writing this letter to you as a testimonial of how impressed we have been with your products. We have been testing the Atlantis Solar® air-conditioning system now for over six months in the Dominican Republic and we are very happy to report that it has exceeded our expectations. During this time we have been continually running and testing the units, and we have discovered an energy savings of more that 65% compared to conventional systems of the same cooling capacity.  Based on these findings and the quality of the units, we have begun to order product and will immediately be moving forward with plans to widely market and distribute these products in the Dominican Republic. We look forward to doing business with Atlantis Solar® for a long time.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, I remain at your service.  Kind regards, Felix Fermin   Santiago, Dominican Republic Testimonial from Pakistan  May 22, 2009 From: The Chief Executive Pakistan       To,  Atlantis Solar® USA                                                                                                 Dear Sir, We feel pleasure to write this testimonial in favor of Atlantis Solar® USA for their amazing solar products which includes Solar Air Conditioners, Kozy Cooler, Atmospheric water generators, DC Refrigerators, Wind Turbines, Solar Panel System, Solar Water Pumps.  When we introduce Atlantis Solar® air conditioner in Pakistan we found a huge positive response for this awesome product that can save electricity up to 70%. It’s really an amazing thing to give a relief to the public of Pakistan from the shortage and the increasing rates of  the electricity day by day. On May 1st to May 3, 2009, when we participated in the  Consumer Empowerment Exhibition at Qazaffi stadium LAHORE, we got excellent customer response for our all solar products and especially as mentioned earlier for the  ‘Atlantis Solar® Air Conditioner’. The News paper and TV Channels also gave a great coverage and  awareness to the customers about the Atlantis Solar’s GREEN products. High Govt. officials visited  the  exhibition and showed their curiosity to install these Atlantis Solar® air conditioners in thier departments. Environment Protection Department is (EPD) also promoting to GO for Green energy and they also liked our product “Atlantis Solar® Air Conditioner” and blessed us with their  good wishes. Our treasured customers who had purchased Atlantis Solar® Air Conditioner are very much satisfied about the performance and quality of the product. After purchasing and dealing with Atlantis Solar® Products I am feeling very comfortable and happy for the success of our company and to give relief from the increasing prices and un expected shut-down  of the  electricity  to the public of Pakistan.  I wish the great success of the  Atlantis Solar® products   Regards,  Babar Ali (CEO)   Pakistan
Testimonial from Nicaragua July 22, 2009 Dear Atlantis Solar, I am Atlantis Solar® distributor for Nicaragua. I wanted to let you know that I installed the first solar AC 12,000 BTU unit in my shop today. It replaced a 24,000 BTU unit that is one and a half years old. I was amazed right away by how cool the unit is. I also had to walk up to the unit three times to make sure it was still on. The 24,000 BTU unit sound like a train and this one is incredibly quiet and cold. As for the Atmospheric Water Generator SDAW-20L. I am extremely happy with the unit. In Nicaragua it is not recommended that the local water be consumed. My home and office have exclusively used the 20L for over five months now. We are very happy with the quality of the water and the water from this machine is offered to everyone who comes into the office for a sales consultation. I can't explain how much more convenient this unit is to having the traditional water tank system this unit replaced. We had to store large five gallon bottles and replace them regularly. Now we save time, room and a lot of back strain by using the SDAW-20L. I am very pleased with both the quality of the goods that I am selling for Atlantis Solar® and the relationships I have developed with their staff. They have been very accommodating with the unique needs of wholesaling and retailing in Nicaragua, and I look forward to many years of profitable business with them. Together we can promote quality products and energy conservation. I can't think of a better business to be in. Sincerely, Lee Greenberg Owner: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Testimonial from New Calédonie To: Atlantis Solar® From: Jean-Michel Castaldo Date: July 27,2009 Dear Atlantis Solar, With this letter I confirm that after buying and testing from Atlantis Solar® the solar air-conditioning, we can say that we are absolutely satisfied from the quality and the efficiency of this product. We received an energy savings of more 50% compared to conventional system for a same cooling capacity. We are perfectly convinced by this Economical and Ecological product, we have begun to order, promote and distribute the Solar Air Conditioner in the New Caledonia. We are proud to participate, with Atlantis Solar®, against the global warning . In a near future we will add more products, and we look forward to doing business with Atlantis Solar® for a long time. Best Regards Jean-Michel Castaldo Nouvelle Calédonie
Egypt 2016
Hello Atlantis Solar,   We have Cleared the the New model Triple Compact Thermal Atlantis Solar air conditioners units form Egyptian Customs and we have received approval for Atlantis Solar air conditioners technology in Egypt. We have number of very successful trail samples  in deferent locations and have started to get orders. We like to see how we can put the framework of our relationship to start working together. Plz let me know what is a good time we can have a conference to begin placing large orders for our market. Plz feel free to call me any time and we look forward to a very long relationship with you, Best Regards and thatnk you for helping us make this happen, Neil Habib Egypt
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