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Solar Air Conditioner Introduction Details

PRODUCTS INFORMATION: (1) WALL SPLIT MODEL NUMBER: SK-W Series EFFICIENT & ENERGY-SAVING: Our air conditioner is equipped with special HITACHI and Panasonic compressor with high efficiency and low noise and low power consumption. It is excellent and reliable. They avoid extra energy loss and really working high efficiently. DETACHABLE & WASHABLE PANEL: In the past, panel can't be disassembled for cleaning, difficult to clean away the dirt inside panel. The new designed front panel can be disassembled, convenient for cleaning and deeps as bright as new. TURBO FAN WITH LARGE DIAMETER: Stream line design of the cross flow fans with large diameter, it brings super-quiet air blowing and lowers the noise by reducing speed of rotation, while the input air strong. AUTOMATICALLY CONTROL HORIZONTAL VANE: In order to reach set temperature rapidly, when AUTO mode is selected, the position of horizontal vane is automatically set to correspond to the operation mode to perform effective operation. POWERFUL DEHUMIDIFICATION: In order to fit the wet season, specially designed dehumidification function can remove 1.5kg water per hour (with no temperature lowering basically). Thus averts the un-comfort caused by cooling and dehumidifying simultaneously. GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Our air-conditioner provide with three levels of protecting system, i.e. dust filtering net, electrostatic fiber and active carbon absorbing layer. They can remove peculiar smell, disinfect air and filter harmful material. Thus keeps the air fresh, and avoids the air-conditioner disease. During appraising, it has been found that in the room after half an hour running, 80% dust had been reduced and 95% bacteria have been killed. (2) FLOOR STANDING SERIES MODEL NUMBER: SK-F Series LONG DISTANCE AND WIDE-ANGLE AIRFLOW: The grille of our cabinet air-conditioner adopts specially designed blades. Powerful airflow distribute cool or heat air to each corner of the room in a short time. COMPACT DESIGN: With the same power consumption, our air-conditioner outputs larger volume of cool/heat air. EFFICIENT AND QUIET: Large-diameter turbofan and vortex duct are incorporated for powerful and quiet airflow. The design of scroll-compressor leads to lower noise and higher efficiency. AUXILIARY ELECTRIC HEATING FUNCTION: Auxiliary electric heating system is adopted to ensure sufficient air-conditioning even in chilly winter. (3) CASSETTE SERIES MODEL NUMBER: SK-C Series Wide angle air-blowing: The air outlet provides wide angle airflow to reach each corner of the room, even though the indoor unit is installing at the 3.5m high. Low noises, high efficiency: The large diameter turbofan provides more powerful air-blowing but low noise, give you a quiet environment. High water pump installation: 750mm height water pump installation for complete draining and prevent leaking water. Open or close the vertical vane automatically: The automatic vertical vane closed for the integral display. Airflow auto control: Four ways airflow provide comfortable temperature in the room and adjustable air flowing angle. Easy maintenance: The filer adopts the push-open design for easy dust filter change. The air filter can be removed and washed by water or vacuum for easy and convenient cleaning. Advanced technology: The air-conditioner wildly adopts the thermal siphon vacuum system and refrigerant flow control group control technology. By processing the data from the temperature sensors and pressure sensors of indoor and outdoor units, the micro computer will determine the scale of electronic expanding vale, and then adjust the motor speed of compressor, to realize the best use advanced oil distribution / return and defrosting without first shutting down our air conditioners technology. This will allow you to add extra long distance refrigerant pipe and heating in longer distance areas separating the condenser unit from the inside evaporator unit. Reliable Compressors: We use Hitachi or Panasonic and Toshiba inverter specially designed compressors for accurate electronic expansion valves and 4-way valves, for the thermal solar air conditioners to remain operating during any environment. Inverter technology: Atlantis Solar SK Thermal Solar Air Conditioner series are air cool units with heat pump. Because of the inverter control technology used, you can adjust the temp smoothly. Atlantis Solar SK Thermal Solar Air Conditioners are very quiet and uniquely different then conventional air conditioners saving 24/7 energy by +40%. Wide temperature range and accurate temperature control: The units can operate from -15 Degrees Celsius to Any outside heat temperature with out fail or shut down. Digital inverter systems control the temp accurately. The fluctuate temp can be control within +/- 0.5 Same convenience in different environments: This system is designed with a special design for noise control, airflow and the cooling/heating capacity, which greatly improved the end users ease of operation. Our technology of defrosting without stop and electronic expanding valves, make these units have stronger heating capacity in the winter season. Easy installation and saving space: This system connects to our state of the art thermal siphon processing or thermal panel for easy installation to the air conditioners condenser unit via thermal vacuum or thermal panel connected on the roof top or wall. There are no special tools or extra space required for thermal processing of the air conditioners environmentally friendly refrigerant. You can install our Atlantis Solar condenser on the ground, outside wall or roof etc. Free design and match: The max length of pipeline can reach 100 meters, and the max height between indoor and outdoor units can reach 50 meters, so you can put the outdoor units on the roof of the building and then match the indoor units freely. Self-diagnosis: In case there are faults with the units; the self-diagnosis system will indicate on the inside units led panel the reason of the fault. This makes it very convenient for after sales servicing.  Decontamination air, freedom combination: Atlantis Solar air conditioners have been designed to be applicable to the general residence, villa, office building, small scaled restaurant, store, hotel, ect. VRV Dual Head thermal Solar Air conditioners: Cold principle and technique in second-class system in adoption let you enjoy comfortably just as the large central air conditioner; Simple installation you do not need to have a water tower, thus making air conditioning cost lower, and adjust the demand of modern society life, economizing the resources of water greatly, helping protect the ecosystem environment. The system adopts to many sets of absolute pipeline, you can control separately multiple indoor units which is in different rooms. Flexible design and combination: Atlantis Solar VRV system adopts advanced “by more” technical achievements in 1 condenser x2 inside evaporator units with dual and triple evaporators, helping reduce freezing or shutdown. Atlantis solar manufactures a much more unique design that operates more freely and flexibly in all types of rooms with different environments and layouts. Individuation harmonious design: Atlantis Solar manufactures these systems in many styles for a more novelty indoor look, Atlantis Solar can provide the requirements of fulfillment and layout to fully embody the user's taste and personality. Long pipe, higher fall: Atlantis Solar Thermal Air Conditioners adopt to a more refrigerant pipe design and length, offering up to 50m. Installation and maintenance is convenient to a certified HVAC service technician. The best matching: The system can be placed in long distances from the evaporator, continuous adjusting of the electronic expansion valve can make the thermal processing solar air conditioner to operate healthy during poor environmental conditions. Outdoor unit: Atlantis Solar high efficiency compressor will operate steadily, saving energy in a quiet mode. Do not influence mutually between every room, absolutely control. Auto ON/OFF function Auto re-starts function.
HITACHI / Panasonic / Toshiba Compressor's
Introduction of Atlantis Solar Air Conditioners: Atlantis Solar Air-Conditioner absorbs solar energy to heat the inside medium by using a vacuum solar collector. The refrigerant from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertake a heat exchange. The refrigerant heated by the medium inside the solar collector will go through a cycle inside the system cooling and heating. We use a high quality brand compressor instead of standard compressors to run our system which saves electricity dramatically. Our high quality brand name compressor consumes much less electricity, and works together with our solar collector technology, dual condensers, with triple evaporators continuously helping save electricity and improving our environment. Compare with current products: * Current available technologies are neither practical nor cost-effective. * Photovoltaic (PV) systems cost is many times more than a conventional air conditioner. * Thermally driven absorption cooling requires costly, high-temperature collectors and undesirable cooling towers.   Advantage: * Atlantis Solar Air-Conditioner by far fits many environments seasonal demand, which means, the COP is increased as the solar energy is most plentiful in the summer. * Freon, widely used by conventional air-conditioners, is damaging our atmosphere. Our Atlantis Solar Air-Conditioner works with our special medium and newest refrigerant which is completely environment friendly. * Vacuum tube solar collectors were invented in the USA and China decades ago, mature technology and high quality will guarantee the performance of our Solar Air-Conditioner. * Atlantis Solar Air-Conditioner is cost-effective in energy savings and Environmental Improvement eliminating pollution. Our Solar Air-Conditioner system is produced in the USA and China, due to the low cost of the labor, land and R&D. The price of our Solar Air-Conditioner system is very competitive and affordable for our clients worldwide. * Atlantis Solar Air-Conditioners can combine air-conditioning and solar hot water systems together, therefore enhance market attractiveness. * Our products have all the functions as conventional Air-Conditioners do. Such as dehumidification and bacteria free ventilation to help refresh the air inside your home or business. * Our standard products have different capacities which is more easy to design larger systems, that help fit the needs of any commercial project and make our system more customized. * Easy installation, making operation time less consuming. Our system is compatible with conventional shafts, local conventional certified A/C installers can get installations done perfectly with 3 days training * Our products use high quality components, like HITACHI compressor, all copper tubing and treated stainless steel metal, providing top of the line quality. Abstract: Atlantis Solar Air-Conditioners absorb solar energy via thermal processing to heat the inside medium by using vacuum solar collector. Our Environmentally R410A Refrigerant passing from the evaporator, goes through the copper coil inside the water collector and undertakes a heat exchange. The refrigerant heated by the medium inside the solar collector will go through a cycle inside the system cooling and heating. A quality brand compressor consumes much less electricity working together with our Atlantis Solar's specially designed thermal solar hot water collector system saving large electricity and providing clean healthy cold and hot air. New technical data for Atlantis Solar Compact Pressure Thermal Siphon Assist Solar Air Conditioners Starting at an EER of 20 / COP of 5.86. (Based on 70° to 75º Fahrenheit Outside Temperatures) 12000 btu
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