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Atlantis Solar®
Low Energy Driven Portable Kozy Cold Air Conditioners
Kozy Air Conditioner family in "COLD" and "HOT" with dehumidification and air ionization

Solar110V ~ 220V 50Hz and 60Hz -
Available in 100% Solar

Each model provides a selection of features and benefits no other portable air conditioner on the market can compete with.

When comparing to the quality of our different  model air conditioners, features and benefits, cold air, energy efficiency, versatility, environmental engineering and cost saving benefits; these products are unbeatable.

Important: Heating and cooling with dehumidification and ionization are available in our portable air conditioners. All A/C units are EU Compliant with R410A and R134a Refrigerant.

Refrigerant :

R134a is also known as Tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F) from the family of HFC refrigerant. With the discovery of damaging effects CFCs and HCFC refrigerants have on the ozone layer. The HFC family of refrigerants is widely used as an environmentally friendly replacement, and 100% ozone friendly.

R134a is now being used as a replacement for R-12 CFC refrigerant in centrifugal, rotary screw, scroll and reciprocating compressors. It is safe for normal handling as it is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive. Currently it is also being widely used in the air conditioning systems.

R134a Hydrofluorocarbons or 'HFCs' have been increasingly used in the last decade or so as an alternative to ozone damaging CFCs in refrigeration systems.

Hydrofluorocarbons or 'HFCs' provide an effective alternative to CFCs, that are also very powerful in reducing greenhouse gases and helping the Earth’s Ozone.

Energy Cunsumption : Starting at 340W


Our Kozy Air conditioner is truly the most environmentally friendly, energy efficient compact and powerful Air Conditioner on the market...