ASWB - AGM Deep Cycle Model: Applications Solar - Wind - UPS
12V120h Maintenance Free Sealed Lead Acid Battery
12V120Ah (UL, CE Certifications, 2years Warranty)
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*Specifications         Terminal Type: T14
Terminal Material: Lead
Nominal Voltage 12V
Rated Capacity 120Ah
Dimensions Length 406mm
Width 173mm
Height 236mm
Total Height 236mm
Approximate Weight 36Kg
77F (25 C) 
10h rate (12.0A, 10.8V) 120Ah
5h rate (20.0A, 10.5V) 100Ah
1h rate (71.6A, 9.6V) 71.6Ah
Internal Resistance Full charged Battery 4.0mΩ
77F (25C)
Capacity affected by temperature (20h rate) 104F (40C) 102%
77F (25C) 100%
32F (0C) 85%
5F (-15C) 65%
Self-Discharge 68F (20C) (Capacity after) 3 month storage 91%
6 month storage 82%
12 month storage 65%
Max. Discharge Current 950A (5s)
Terminal Type & Material  T14  Lead 
 (Constant Voltage, 25C)
Cycle 14.4-14.7V(-30mV/C)
max. charging current:36A
Float 13.6-13.8V(-18mV/C)
Nominal Operating Temperature 25C3C (77F5)
Operating Temperature Range -15C~50C(5F~122F)


Please charge the battery for 18 hours at current 12A with voltage limitation 14.4V every three months during stock
Please do not stock the battery over 1 year, otherwise the capacity & service life of the battery will be reduced