Atlantis Solar
Will no longer be manufacturing Solar Water Pumps
Starting 2015

Atlantis Solar® Water Pump :
"High Quality at Unbeatable Prices"

Model ASWP120P / 210P / 500P / 1000P :  


-- Many useful applications for family or farm:

  • Stock watering

  • Drip irrigation --- a very effective for a family garden

  • Water supply for cabins and remote houses

  • Ponds as fountains and much more

-- Any place water is needed, but no AC power is available.

-- An ideal combination of water and sun that preserves the environment, saves energy and reduces physical effort.

-- The more sunlight, the more water is pumped (this is ideal for stock watering and irrigation). Water is pumped even on hazy days.

-- Automatic operation for years- minimal maintenance is required. Special construction allows dry operation for hours

-- Tolerates mild sediment in the water supply ---- can be used in rivers and streams.

-- Low borehole drilling costs ---- a diameter of 8,0 cm (3 1/4") is sufficient

-- Robust and reliable ---- constructed from brass and stainless steel.

-- Application innovation--- compared with traditional alternating current machine, the efficiency is improved by over 25% by the permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless non sensor motor.

-- Technique Innovation---compared with CVT technique adopting MPPT technique, using automatic follow max power point, the motor efficiency can be improved 15%.

-- Drive part adopts DSP chip for main control technique, which achieved TMPPT control then makes the system high efficiency, reliable and priced for good return in investment.

-- Technics innovation---Adopt double plastic package for Rotor and Starter, Motor insulation >300, the motor security is much advanced.

-- Structure innovation---Water bearing, oil bearing, convenient installation and environmentally safe.

Model Power(W) Max flow rate m³/h Max head (m) voltage (v)
ASWP.76/45-24/120P 120 0.76 45 25
ASWP 1.38/45-36/210P 210 1.38 45 25
ASWP 4.36/30-48/500P 500 4.36 30 48
ASWP 6.12/28-48/500P 500 6.12 28 48
ASWP 4.08/45-48/500P 500 4.08 45 48
ASWP 2.54/65-48/500P 500 2.54 65 48
ASWP 4.7/50-110/1000P 1000 4.7 50 110
Flow Rates 120/210 Models
Flow Rates 500/1000 Models