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Cassette Ceiling Thermal Solar Air Conditioner  with 1 Outside Condenser and 2 Inside Multiple Head Units
Main Features: = R410A Refrigerant EU compliant, Environmentally Friendly = World famous brand name compressor for long life = Wide area air flow for large rooms = LED colorful display for easy reading = Digital automatic heat dehumidification for those toxic mold seasons = Multi self protection functions
User Friendly Remote Control Functions
Complete Intelligent Quiet Operation with Comfort at your finger Tips Automatic wind direction control Comfortable sleep mode offering healthy energy savings Intelligent dehumidification, keeps air at a healthy comfort level Intelligent auto defrost, resisting freeze up Digital e-touch, convenient for energy savings 24/7 hours per day Simulated Intelligent logical operation Multiple air flows for your comfort 100% user friendly Thoroughly Purified Air that Creates a Healthy Refreshing Comfortable Place to Relax By using multiple air purification technology, triple air filtration and UP-Titanium Photo Catalytic filters for antibacterial striation in the air system progressively, which includes micro dust filtering of harmful substances to remove bacteria from the air you breath and live in, this helps keep you healthy and your room clean.
Parameters are measured in the rated working state: when cooling, outdoor unit dry/wet-bulb temperature 35/24 °C , indoor unit dry/wet-bulb 27/19 °C; when heating, outdoor unit dry/wet-bulb 7/6 °C , indoor dry/wet-bulb 20/15 °C. Changes may appear according to real working state. When tank water temp is <65 °C. Parameters may change due to the product improvement, please refer to products nameplate. Note: (Optional) “HEATING IS ADDITIONAL PER SYSTEM” “IMPORTANT” Standard Freon is R22, for EU Compliant is an additional  fee per unit for 410A. Replacement Freon for R22, safe for the environment is Dura cool R290 or 22A
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